WOTC Extra(b) – Your Time of Personal Power

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Your Time of Personal Power


By keeping records of your spellwork, you should be able to figure out which days of the week or time of day your spells tend to work. Perhaps there’s a particular time of day or time during the moon cycle when you feel as if you could do anything, when raising energy is easy, when you can focus easily and tune out distractions with no problem. This, then, would be a power time for you.
Your power time is an alternate timing bonus for you. It’s like a secret weapon: you can default to casting a spell during your power time and know that it will have just as much impact as scheduling the spell for 7: 38 on a Thursday evening during the waning moon might have.
To pinpoint your power time, look through your spell journal. Your notes concerning the immediate results will be important: how did you feel during the actual casting of the spell itself? Conscientious maintenance of short-term and long-term results will be important as well. Look at the time, moon phase, or moon sign of the successful spells. Is there a pattern? Are you particularly on the ball when the moon is in Pisces, or in Virgo? Perhaps casting during the hour of Mars is the key to your success. Take a look at the weather as well. It may be that clear sunny days or cool evenings are your power times.
Everyone’s power time is different. You also might have more than one power time, which might make it difficult to narrow down. Don’t worry; the more often you cast spells, the clearer it will become.
Power Spellcraft For Life: The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change
Ann Murphy-Hiscock