Witches Magick for Thursday, April 10th – Turn the Tables Spell

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Witches Magick for Thursday, April 10th – Turn the Tables Spell


Turn the Tables Spell

Is someone making your life difficult? Turn the tables on the person with this spell.

Items you will need:

Small Mirror
A photo of your tormentor (if available)

The Spell

1. Place the candle in its holder and set it on top of the photo at one end of a table. If you can’t obtain a photo, inscribe your enemy’s name on the candle—the ca ndle represents the person who’s causing you trouble.

2. Light the candle, then seat yourself at the other end of the table.

3. Hold the mirror so that it reflects the flame and say aloud:


“Behold, this mirror is my shield.
Your wicked ways will be revealed.
Any evil that you do
Will instantly turn back to you.”

4. Imagine the mirror deflecting harm away from you and back onto the other person.

5. When you’ve finished, snuff out the candle.

6. Hand the mirror on the outside of the door to your home or office to ward off unwanted energies.

7. Melt the candle completely and bury the residue along with the photo far from your home.