Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers & Get Their Job

Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers & Get Their Job

Best time to cast: Sunset on the eve of a New Moon

Items You Will Need:
A yellow candle
A  teaspoon of salt
Half a cup of Olive oil
A chicken feather (you should gather feathers in a non-harmful manner)

The spell:

Gather up your ingredients and go to a quiet area in your home where you can be alone.
Light the candle and put the salt into the cup of Olive oil. Pick up the feather and repeat these words:

Cauda Draconis (or a deity you choose to work with)
Help me in my time of need
I want (the person’s name here) to leave my work place,
In good health let them go and go now to keep my sanity
Set the  wheels in motion that (name of person) shall leave
and I’ll be in peace and have the position I seek.
This is my will – So Mote It Be!

Dip the feather into the olive oil and soon as you are able – wipe the feather on the floor in front of the co-worker’s desk or if easier in front of your work place (make sure no one sees you!).


18 thoughts on “Spell To Get Rid of Annoying Co-Workers & Get Their Job

    1. In an office, a feather might get questioned. The feather would be used when your co-worker wasn’t around. But from your question, I figure your co-worker is constantly at their desk. Problem easily solved, the point is to get the oil in front of the person’s desk. You can use anything to lightly dab the oil there. Carry a Kleenex dabbed with the oil, they would think your allergies are acting up. Casually drop the Kleenex, while picking it up, swipe the floor with it. Or you could use a pencil coated in the oil and drop it in the floor in front of their desk. Do the same thing again, swipe the floor with the pencil. The point is to get the oil in front of their desk. Occasionally we have to think outside the box to accomplish certain task. I hope I have given you a few ideas. If you need anything else, just give me a holler. Till then…
      Lady A


      1. thank you so very much for yoru advise again..i cant find a full moon recently and hv sleepless nites coz of his harrashment ;and hv to start taking pills ; i am not sure if i can wait for a full moon to cast the spell..if not i am reigning at the end of this month…i hv now started to hunt for a new job…


  1. Was wondering if I could use a pencil, and then hide the coated pencil under their desk? Is the wiping necessary or just getting the liquid near them enough? Thanks.


    1. The point of the spell is to get the liquid close to the person. A pencil would be a wonderful idea. Walk in front or beside their desk and drop the pencil. Let it roll all around under their desk and chair. Then hide it some place under the desk or if you had access to any of the drawers, drop it in there and then put something over it. This spell is rather an old spell that is why it calls for the feather. In today’s work place a feather would be a little too obvious. So occasionally we have to adjust the spells to today’s ways and times. I hope I have helped you out some. If you need anything else, just holler.
      Have a very blessed evening,
      Lady A


      1. Thank you! I’ve completed this spell and think I may be seeing some success with it. I’ll let you know the results if it does work fully. 🙂


  2. I tried this spell 5 months ago with no results. Does anyone have anything that works. I’m really desperate.


    1. There could be several reason the spell didn’t work. 1) Are you a practicing witch? 2)Did you cast the spell and forget about it? I have a feeling since you were in an office setting, you probably wondered every day when is the spell going to work. You have to cast the spell and forget it. I know this spell works, others have used it. It is very hard to use a spell in the work place and then put it out of your mind. This time cast it and forget it.
      Lady A


    1. Return it to the earth. I have a little saying I use, “From earth you came, to earth you shall return.’ Then pour it into the earth. Since it is used for a spell of this type, do this at the very, very back of your property. If you leave in an apartment, go to a crossroad and dispose of the oil.


    1. Simple. Build up your energy, focus on the intent, start the spell but when you do leave that line of the spell out. Solitaries takes what they want and bend it to their benefit. Why I like being a Solitary. Just leave the line out, all there is too it.
      Lady A


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