Your Weekend Love Horoscope for March 28 – 30

Weekend Love Horoscope

March 28-30: Hot and Cold

What a crazy, confusing weekend for love this will be! The Moon in Pisces on Friday offers your best evening for romance and soul bonding with someone special, but it won’t last long. You’ll go from sweet and sentimental to fiery hot frustration by Saturday evening, when the Moon shifts into impatient Aries.

In addition, love planet Venus connects beautifully to Mars on Saturday, allowing an opportunity for incredible sexual gratification. You may think you’ve got yourself a weekend made for lovers — but not so fast!  Merely hours later, you may feel sorely rejected or disappointed. It’s as if the universe is playing tricks on you, teasing you and dangling a cupcake just out of your reach. You were allowed to taste the decadent passion for a few hours, but then Venus will square off with Saturn, and you’ll get a slap on the wrist for even thinking you could have that delicious treat!

Fortunately, the Moon in Aries becomes a New Moon on Sunday, and you’ll have an opportunity to chase after what you want in matters of the heart with renewed zeal. Nothing will stop you — not even the temporary freeze!