The Daily Motivator for March 28th – Highly worthy

Highly worthy

You deserve the very best. And you deserve the experience of creating it in your life.

Those who tell you that you’re undeserving are wrong. Those who tell you that you can have something for nothing are just as wrong.

Yes, on this very day you are worthy of the best life you can imagine. And on this very day, you have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to bring that life into being.

What a waste it would be to live at less than your highest level. What a shame it would be to squander even one day of your unique, highly worthy life.

What you have is amazing and filled with great promise. So put in some effort that’s fully worthy of that great promise.

You deserve a life that’s rich and full, and you deserve to be the one who makes it happen. So get up, get busy, get going, and discover how truly deserving you are.

— Ralph Marston


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