March 25 – Daily Feast

March 25 – Daily Feast

A herd of Jersey cows feeding in the meadow is reason to think wealth. Their milk is rich and they give lots of it. But there alongside of them is a patch of coreopsis – golden flowers by the thousands. They come again every year and bloom profusely even when a stretch of dry weather persists. Wealth includes many different things to fill many different needs. The Cherokees call it, nu we hna vi, and to them the most important wealth is that which feeds the spirit – whether it is a field of coreopsis, a bank of oxeye daises or a clean, flowering creek for good fishing. The cows, the milk, the provision for what we need to live are all important, but the Creator was generous in the necessary things – and then he gave us lots of little extras. The extras may be flowers or moonlight when the whippoorwill calls, or music. But it fills a need almost too deep to explain.

~ I want to roam the prairies. There I am free and happy. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler