March 24 – Daily Feast

March 24 – Daily Feast

Evening walks have a beauty all their own as the sun moves through one phase after another, coloring and shading the fields and woods. Although the air is still wintry at times, the calendar says it is spring – good enough to stir up anticipation. The sunset changes from pale pink touched with gold to lilacs and purples and deep blues. The hills along the horizon have the deepest colors, all shades of Indian, gi ga ge, to match the read earth, the red skin. Above the darkening shadows, clouds like long tresses of silky hair spread out to the evening star. Everything gives way to that last bit of color, the burning embers that fire the distant hills – and then the velvet hour. Silence reigns. A coyote’s long, thin wail tells the world that night has fallen.

~ I know every stream and every wood… my fathers before me, I lived happily. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler