Whispering Woods Basic Dragon Lore Course – Dragon Related Rituals

Whispering Woods Basic Dragon Lore Course
Dragon Related Rituals

It is well known that Dragons can be quite deceptive and at times capricious. When connecting with a Dragon it is strongly suggested that you show a great deal of patience and understanding. Always approach Dragons with the most absolute respect. They have been around for many a millennium and are quite wise and they are very aware of this.  Dragons have a mind of their own and will often react in unexpected ways. Don’t lose hope, learning from such ancient creatures can be very perplexing and yet very rewarding at the same time.

Never express anger or negative feelings towards a Dragon. They can be quite sensitive and quick to react in a vindictive way. Dragons generally have a rather large ego that needs to be dealt with in a very careful way.

In fact the best ritual for connecting with a Dragon is one that you, yourself have written. Dragons are very individual and will more rapidly respond to a personalized ritual with your energy interspersed throughout. But here are a couple of rituals to get you started.

Suggested Incense and/or Herbs:

Earth:                                    Air:                                 Fire:                                 Water:
Aspen                                   Anise                             Allspice                            Camphor Bistort                                 Acacia                              Basil                                Catnip Boneset                              Benzoin                          Bay Laurel                       Henna Cherry/Wild                     Caraway                         Betony, Wood                  Myrrh Cinquefoil                        Club Moss                       Cardamom                       Rose Deer’s Tongue                               Lavender                          Cassia                             Violet Dittany of Crete                              Lemon Verbena                    Cedar                             Yarrow Jasmine                              Mastic                             Chamomile                      Licorice                           Red Sandalwood            Cinnamon  Parsley         Sandalwood                     Dragons Blood

Finding a Dragon Teacher

Find a quiet place in the woods or a secluded meadow. Meditate on the type of Dragon that you hope to encounter. Send these thoughts outwards so that they can be intercepted by an interested Dragon.  After spending some time meditating, draw a pentagram on the ground. In the middle of the pentagram draw a picture of a dragon (it can be a crude drawing).

Depending on what type of elemental dragon you are calling, place a stick of incense at each of the five points of the Dragon Pentagram. Light the incense. Place a candle of the same color as that of the type of Dragon that you seek, at each of the Elemental points

(North, South, East, West). Light the candles and while concentrating on the flames, withdraw back into your Third Eye and clear your mind of any lingering thoughts. Visualize a fog or mist in your mind that is the same color as your desired Dragon.

Make it known that you are seeking a teacher and that you would be a devoted student.

Send out lots of love and positive energy. Watch this fog/mist and see if a Dragon starts to take shape out of it.

If it does (this may take several attempts) then express your joy and love towards the Dragon that is forming from the mist. Once it is fully formed, venture to ask by what name it would like to be known as. Again express your love and desire to learn.

Listen closely within your Third eye to see if any messages are forthcoming. Out of respect for the Dragon, keep this session rather short.

Then each time that you do this ritual, expand your questions and listening each time. The next time that you connect with your Dragon, visualize the colored fog, but call it forth by name.

This will build familiarity with your Dragon mentor and will allow it to respond more quickly. Always project feelings of love and respect when connecting with your Dragon, as they thrive on such feelings. If at first no Dragon comes forth out of the mists then wait for a day or so and try again…

Basic Dragon Ritual

Begin the ritual by going to the East, with Athame or sword in your power hand. Draw a Magickal circle on the floor around your ritual area. This is done by pointing the Athame/sword at the floor and visualizing a Blue flame emitting from the tip of your Athame/Sword. Move Deosil (clockwise) around the circle with this flame ending in the East. While drawing the circle, say:
“By Dragon Power, This Circle is Sealed”

Return to the altar. Point the Athame/Sword at the Dragon Pentacle and say:

“Dragons of  Spirit, Loftiest and most powerful of Dragons, Bless this altar with your Sacred Fire. Let us be as One in Magick, O Dragons Great and Wise”

Set the Water Chalice on the pentacle. With the wand in your power hand, encircle the chalice three times Deosil with the wand and say:

“Air, Fire, Earth, Water Bring your Power forth. Water of Land and Sea, Purified Be”

Hold the Chalice high and say:

“Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!”

Going Deosil, sprinkle the water lightly around the Sacred Circle beginning and ending in the  East. Set the dish of salt on the Pentacle. Circle it three times deosil with the wand and say:

“Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Hear my Inner most Desire. Salt of Earth and Sea, Purified Be”

Sprinkle a few grains of salt to each corner of the altar. Circle the incense burner three times with the wand and say:

Fire of Dragons, Fire of Earth, You Are Purified. Bring Power Forth.

Circle the Incense and Herbs three times deosil with the wand, say:

Incense Magickal, Incense Bold, Awake The Dragons, As Of Old. I call you forth Purified.

Put a small amount of incense onto the burning coals. Lift the burner by the chains and touch it lightly to the Pentacle. Lift it high over the altar, say:

Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!

Then carry it deosil around the circle, beginning and ending in the East.  Return the burner to the Altar. Take up the Athame/ Sword in both hands and kneel before the Altar. Mentally dedicate yourself to the study of Dragon Magick. Project your interest and love for the Dragons as strongly as possible. Continue doing so for several minutes, then rise and point the Athame/Sword at the Dragon Pentacle and say with power and confidence:

Behold, All Dragons and Rulers of Dragons, I am (magickal name), a student who seeks Dragon Magick. With (name of Athame/Sword) in my hand, I freely enter the Realm of the  Dragons. Not for physical Battle, But for Knowledge and Wisdom. I Greet You, O Dragons Ancient and Wise, and await your Blessing and Guidance.

Continue holding the Athame/Sword outstretched until you feel the blessing of the Dragons enter your body. It is for this reason that a light Athame/sword is best used in ritual. When the flowing power, of the Dragons Blessing, has begun to lessen, lower the Athame/sword. Still holding the Athame/sword in your Power hand, take up the Dragon Pentacle in the other hand and go to the East. Point the Athame/sword at the Eastern direction and hold the Pentacle facing outward. Draw a Invoking Pentagram with the Athame/Sword, and say:

“From Sairys (sair’-iss), Ruler of the Eastern Dragons Fair, comes now the wondrous Power of Air

Invoking Pentagram
Feel the power of Air entering body with atahame/sword outstretched. When the flow stops, go to the South. Hold up the Dragon Pentacle again; draw an invoking Pentagram with the Athame/Sword, and say:

“From Fafnir (faf’-near), Ruler of Dragons of the South, comes Cleansing Fire from Dragon Mouth”

Feel the power of Fire entering your body and when it stops go to the next direction. Repeat the process of Holding up the Dragon Pentacle and drawing a invoking pentagram for each of the directions. Go to the West, say:

“From Naelyan (nail’-yon) Ruler of Dragons of the West, comes the Power of Water”

Draw into the body the power of Water. Go to the North and say:

“From Grael (grail), Ruler of Dragons of the North, the Power of Earth does now come forth”

Draw into oneself the power of Earth. When it stops return to the Altar, lay aside the Athame/Sword and Dragon Pentacle. Add the appropriate herbal incense to the incense burner according to the ritual you are performing. At this point insert the appropriate chants and workings for the particular spell working or meditation to be performed.

If there is a problem that is unsolvable by physical means or by magic then now is also the time to ask the Dragons for advice on how to solve it. The Dragons are able to give new insight into ways of solving it. Continue to feel their power and direction as their directions are written down. When finished with the spell working, tap your staff three times and chant:

“I thank you, Dragons Old and Wise, of Earth and Fire, Water, and Skies, for sharing Wisdom here with Me. As I Will, So Shall It Be”

Always approach the Dragons as Equals not as a force to be ordered or conquered.  Set the Wine Chalice on the Pentacle. Circle it three times with the wand, and say:

Cup of Power, Cup of Might, Dragon Magick, Be here this Night

Drink the Wine (apple cider or grape juice may be substituted), saving back some to be poured outside on the ground later as an offering to the Dragons. If it is not possible to pour the offering outside then leave it on the Altar for about an hour, after closing your ritual.  Now is the excellent time to chant and use free-form dancing and invite the Dragons to share in the raised energy and joy of being a Student. Talk to them about hopes and dreams, listen to see if they have suggestions or words of encouragement.  This is an opportunity for close friendships to be for

  Closing the Ritual

To close the ritual, take the Athame/sword and go to each of the directions draw a banishing pentagram and say the appropriate words for that direction

Banishing Pentagram

To the East, say:
“Go In Peace, Dragons of the East, And return again in the Ritual Hour
To the South, say:
“Go in peace, Dragons of the South, And return again in the Ritual Hour”
To the West, say:
“Go in Peace, Dragons of the West, And return again in the Ritual Hour”
To the North, say
“Go in peace, Dragons of the North, And return again in the Ritual Hour”
Return to the Altar. Raise both arms, say:

“Farewell to you, O Dragons Fair, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Together we make Magick well by power Deep and Dragon Spell. In peace, go now. Return once more to teach me Magick and Ancient Lore.

Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!”

Cut the circle with a backward sweep of the Athame/Sword across the boundary line. Extinguish the candles. Clear the Altar of all tools except any offerings to the Dragons if unable to pour outside.

1. Dragon rituals begin in the ________.

2. Fafnir is ruler of the ________.

3. In the middle of the pentagram draw a picture of a ________.

4. Ginger belongs to the _____ sign.

5. When calling a dragon send out lots of _____ and positive energy.

6. Draw your magickal circle using a Athame or ________.

7. The stone for Taurus is _______.

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