Natural Ostara Eggs

Natural Ostara Eggs

Natural egg-dying is like recycling.  It takes a li’l bit longer to do, but gives you that  Oh-Im-soooooo-WC  (witchly correct)  feeling.

Cover your plant material (see list below) with about 3 inches of water, bring to a boil, and simmer until the color looks good. You’ll probably have to let the eggs sit in the dye overnight, so if you’re planning more than one color per egg, start this a few day before Oestara.  Experimenting is half the fun, but here are some hints to get you started:
Yellows- daffodil petals, saffron, turmeric, onion skins
Blues- blueberries, red cabbage leaves & vinegar
Greens-broccoli, coltsfoot
Pinks- cochineal, madder root
Browns –  walnut shells, tea, coffee

Wanna get fancy?  Gather some small leaves, ferns, flowers and grasses.  Dip them in water (to help them stick) and press them onto your eggs.  Wrap each egg in a piece of cut up pantyhose and secure it with a twist tie before dyeing. When you remove the flower or leaf, it’s design will appear (either in white or in your first dye-color).  Rub your finished eggs with a tiny bit of vegetable oil on a soft cloth to shine them.

Too hard?? No hosiery???  Okay, try using crayons to draw spirals and pentagrams on the eggs before dying them.

Now,  plan a fertility ritual for your garden.  Bury an Oestara egg in the east corner of your garden, or one egg for each direction, or dig an entire circle for them (depends on how much you hate egg-salad).