A Little Humor For Your Day – ‘You know its going to be a bad day when… ‘

You know its going to be a bad day when…

You wake up face down on the pavement.
You put your bra on backwards and it fits better.
You call suicide prevention and they put you on hold.
Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles.
You want to put on the clothes you wore home from the party and there aren’t any.
You turn on the news and they are showing escape routes out of the city.
Your twin sister forgot your birthday.
You wake up to realize your waterbed broke and then discover you don’t have a waterbed.
Your horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell’s Angels on the freeway.
You walk to work and find your dress is stuck in the back of your pantyhose.
You call your answering service and they tell you it’s none of your business.
Your blind date turns out to be your ex.
Your income tax check bounces.
You put both contacts in one eye.