Let’s Talk Witch – Water Magick for Autumn

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Let’s Talk Witch – Water Magick for Autumn

The Wheel of the Year begins to make its final turn and now we enter the twilight of the year. The Spirit World is closer to us now. Autumn water magick includes working with spiritual energies, contacting ancestors, scrying and harvest blessings.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that Spirits of the deceased make their journey to the Otherside by water. So it would be appropriate to use water to contact a deceased loved one. Begin by writing a letter to your loved one, using white paper and black ink. Either in the early morning or at dusk, go to a quiet body of water such as a pond—if it’s foggy or misty that’s even better. Kneel at the water’s edge, fold your letter, and let it float away. If there are any fallen leaves upon the water, you may place your letter on them instead. Your message has been received.

Scrying at this time of year by using water can be very effective. Fill your cauldron or a dark colored bowl with water, drop a silver coin into the water, and gaze at the ripples. Allow your eyes to focus on the coin and begin to gaze at the water. If you wish, perform this ritual after dark outside during a Full Moon. Using the water and the Moon together will aid your psychic powers.

Since colonial times, as the harvest season came to a close, water was used to anoint the last stand of grain to ensure a bountiful crop the following year. You can do this in your own garden. Simply leave one plant standing in your garden. This could be one herb, tomato plant or a flower. Before a killing frost, sprinkle this plant with water you’ve blessed. Don’t remove this plant until next Spring.


Excerpt from:

Four Seasons of Water Magick
James Kambos, Author