A Sampler of Eclectic Belief

A Sampler of Eclectic Belief

Author:   Bright-Summer Natsukamiki  

I have been on and off Wicca for many years. My mother was Neo-Pagan, and so I suppose I grew up always thinking about Paganism and what it was that I believed myself. For a long time, I didn’t even let it enter my mind. However, I was always a kid that lived within her own head, and the older I became the more time I spent thinking about my personal spirituality. It was only recently that I decided to document all that I held as strong points within my personal faith. My view on our relationship with the Gods, Animism, and Reincarnation are all points elaborated on within this article.

I hope that a look into the belief below offers some insight or contrast to enhance your own personal path. I wrote this and thought it good, so I decided to share the work as an article. I understand if you do not share the same beliefs, I only wanted to write out the path, which I came to follow over my life of study. I first wrote this within my book of shadows and have re-read it since. It is the best summary of my belief system as an Eclectic Wiccan. Many opinions here, I am aware, are universal to the Craft, but others are not so much. Please note that this is my belief at the moment, but I am still young. Practicing as a Wiccan could easily mean that this belief may become outdated to me in future years. However, for now, it is held close.

“I have come to believe that there are many Gods, but all gods are one God in different aspects, and all Goddesses are the one Goddess in different aspects. There are many paths, but each path is true because all that the deities want is for their creatures to find contentment and balance. They require nothing, but deserve all. For the ability not only to believe, but also through belief create, I feel an obligation to praise and give thanks. Thank you, God and Goddess, for the power to create change, and the ability to use our will to bring about that change. This is the greatest gift, and it is the gift that Witches implement in magic to enhance their world.

I believe that perhaps the world was created, and people developed with the animals, in order to make the gods feel a little less lonely. We are all the children of the Parent-Gods, Mother-Goddess and Father-God. However, we have been granted the freedom to bring up ourselves, and one another. We can forge our own paths. The love our Parent-Gods have shown us doesn’t need reciprocation to remain, for they aren’t simply parents either. They are All things and take many forms, Lovers, Friends, Companions to all beings who live, and all things that do not. The Gods and Spirits are ever present, because we are designed to be the companions of Gods.

Since the moment we came to be, each of us has a spirit. Who is to say that we ourselves are not the vessels of the spirits of Gods, that we are not the God/ess in human form for someone who needs us? What separates us is only what they have done, and we have yet to do.

I believe that we can, through our actions and experiences, become Gods of our own. Gods are our potential equals, and that I believe is part of why they grant us such respect and allow such freedom- but we must always consider that Wisdom is the strongest Tool. Wisdom, which is only gained through practice. It is important never to consider yourself ‘above’ any other being – we may become equals, but only after many lifetimes.

I believe that our God-like souls are taken from our bodies in order to be reunited with their home and those who created it. The soul, (our true self) , then would decide how much more practice is needed. We would know instinctively. When the soul is done practicing and learning through its various lives on Earth… that is when it joins the ranks of Gods. We, as People, as Spirits, have far more power than we truly know.

Spirits of the earth exist for things that are inanimate. Such as rocks, formations, rivers, reefs, fields and trees with the age enough to project their Spirits. Potentially, everything could have a Spirit.

The entire universe was created in order for the God and Goddess to be their companions, and potential equals. The goddess can be worshiped as the triple moon because it is symbolic of the universality of her form, and the idea of her watching from the abyss of space, watching over us and out for us. The God can be seen as the sun because his light maintains our life, and without the God we would never have found a balance for life on earth. All things owe the sun deep praise.

The 4 elements as considered first by ancient Greek philosophers were a very simplified and spiritual representation of our very existence. Not only our existence but also our source of life. Without Earth, we could not be. Without Air we could not breathe. Without Water we could not drink, and without Fire we would not have grown into a civilized society, or have found warmth in the wintertime. It is to simplify how much we connect with the world.

Our physical shells were chosen and designed by our souls for a reason. We need to learn to appreciate what we have received because it is what we had wanted, and the reason is to learn.

And so, to Worship is to thank, to Relive is to step up, and to Spellcast is to both thank and Practice Change, so that we may gain the wisdom through our cyclical lives to become a potential future deity once our soul has learned enough. Carve out your path and follow it with confidence, for it will lead you to the greatest possible end. Forever remain both patient and optimistic. Never let your life pass by too quickly. Learn as much wisdom as you can by experiencing as much as is safe. Worship your body, Pay Reverence to all around you, Respect and Grant Praise to your Gods. Do not disrespect anything, because all paths lead to a better future. Ultimately, time can be the greatest force. Diligence, Fun, and Intelligence can be one’s best friends. Train yourself. Love your gods. Your personal power can grow to be enough to change the world. Let it be for the better.”