Let’s Talk Witch – The Ritual


The Ritual

For a Witch, ritual is ultimately about fulfillment-fulfillment of everything it is to be a Witch or Wiccan, or a human, for that matter. During ritual, the eternal and the temporal dance on the same stage. Human spirits can become on with the Divine, their energies merged with each other and the energy of the world. Ritual brings the unseen, timeless realm to your doorstep and allows you to freely explore it. It also provides a construct through which to build more energy than spells provide and direct it outward to a need or goal.

Ritual is both personal and communal. It can evoke deep individual experiences and perceptions, or initiate incredible meaning for a group. In a group setting, someone trained as a priest or priestess may facilitate the ritual, bringing every member of the group into the pattern. In some cases, each member takes a turn or plays a role in the ritual. Solitary practitioners enact rituals alone, following the steps devised by other priests and priestesses before them and/or designing their own procedure.

Not all witches or wiccans work ritual frequently, and many do not follow the exact process. Each ritual, and each group enacting a ritual, is likely to have its own flavor and form, as unique as the people at that gathering. That is how it should be, for among witches human diversity is considered a strength, not a weakness