The Witches Magick for October 8th – Empowerment Spell


Empowerment Spell

To increase power and use it wisely

Optional extras:

Orange candle

High John the Conqueror oil

Notes: The best time to do this spell is at midnight on a full moon, but if you don’t want to stay up that late, you can work it at any point on the full moon night or on a Sabbat.

Since you are asking to draw in power, be sure you are firmly grounded and centered before casting this spell and that the space you are working in is protected. Unlike some of the spells in this book where it makes little difference whether or not you start by casting a formal circle, in this case I would recommend you do so. This is not a spell to be cast lightly.

Cast your circle, ask for help from the four quarters, invoke the triple goddess of your choice (I like either Hecate or Brigid, but any triple goddess [maiden/mother/ crone] will work), then anoint the candle if using the High John oil. Be sure you are centered before reciting the spell.

As my craft I work to hone
At this deep and sacred hour
I call on Maiden, Mother, Crone
To send me wisdom, strength and power
Lend me power for my spells
Power for work and power for play
Send wisdom so I’ll use it well
Growing in power every day.