Good Wednesday Morning, My Loves! I Hope You Are Having A Very Blessed Day!


I hope everyone is having a super, fantastic Wednesday. I apologize for yesterday. But yesterday wasn’t a very good day for me. My blood pressure sort of went crazy (after visiting two doctors, whose wouldn’t, lol!). I use to take blood pressure medicine off and on. Mostly off because after being on it awhile my pressure bottoms out.  Then if I want to stand up straight I have to stop it. Last night I got tired of fighting it and ate the hell out of some cayenne peppers 😦 ! You talking about a hot momma, but they did take care of the blood pressure. I am normal today, well what’s normal for me! Right!

You might be wondering why the horrible spider as a graphic. Well he plays into my blood pressure ordeal. Several years ago, I almost lost my leg to a bunch of recluse spiders. The pretty thing above is not a recluse but a writing spider. They will kill the recluse and keep it away. The first year I had one show up it started out in my corner on my porch. I would talk to it as I was unlocking the door. A few weeks later, I guess the spider decided he wanted to be friends. I opened the door and there he was right in the middle of this grapevine wreath I have hanging. I holler because I didn’t expect him to be that close and you have to admit they are a little frightening. My husband heard me, he came running. He was going to kill it. I told him, “hell no, he wasn’t,” and hand over the broom immediately. He gave me the broom. Believe it or not, I put the tip of the broom up to his web and he walked right on it. It didn’t dawn on me till afterwards what if he had kept on walking (I probably would have been changing drawers!).  Anyway to cut this story short, I have bushes around the porch where I originally placed this one. I now have eight of them adorning those bushes. The recluse are gone. Now I have to figure out if these guys will do anything about wolf spiders. Cause I honestly believe I got a bite from a wolf spider. That’s the only time my blood pressure goes haywire when I get bit by something poisonous. Knowing my luck, the wolf spiders are smart enough to avoid my jolly little army of writing spiders. I must add these spiders also keep noisy neighbors at bay! Hmm, perhaps I use start a market on writing spiders! Any takers?

Have a great one, my sweets!

Luv & Hugs,
Lady A

6 thoughts on “Good Wednesday Morning, My Loves! I Hope You Are Having A Very Blessed Day!

  1. Oh my GOD, You almst lost your keg becase if recluse spider bites????
    I hope you are doing better today with your bloodpressure. Could I pray for you? I don’t know how I can help you :/.

    I am so scared of insect, especially spider ( ok they are ot really insects but You get it) , big mosquitos,cocroaches, moths and yesterday night… A spider and a moth entered the room when I was in pain. I thought I woud die out of fear.

    I think you have the right to rest and not post anything when you are that bad. We can wait. The most important is yourself and your health of course.

    Just after your injury to your hand, blood pressure issues :/ it is unfair, I hope the wheel of ortune will go up for you asap!

    Have a lovely day! Here it s thursday morning, 8:19 am, still in bed. O dear…



  2. That spider scared the CRAP out of me and it’s just a picture!! I have such arachnophobia that even pictures give me minor panic attacks. I’m glad they are taking care of the recluses. They are the second worse in my book. Widows being my worst. You must have a truly special bond with the insect world to be that calm around them!


    1. I am so sorry, hun. Do you want me to take the pic off? I never even thought a thing about that at all. I truly apologize. I use to be scared to death of them too. We first moved into our country home, my cousin bought me an old iron stove. I had kept it outside and refinished it. They brought it in and put it in the kitchen. I told them to lay it down because I was busy painting. That night it got real quiet and I was still painting. Something told me to look in the kitchen. I did and saw Stinker (he was a little kitten at the time)get ready to pounce on a spider about the size of your hand. I kid you not. The only thing I could think of, it was going to kill my baby. I went flying to the kitchen, nothing to kill the spider with just my hands. I doubled up my fist and hit it quick enough it didn’t have time to bite me. Thank the Goddess! It was a recluse. That is one spider I can’t stand. We now have the yard sprayed. But I pointed out to the man that sprays where the spiders are and he is not to spray anywhere around them. He had a close encounter with a recluse too. He asked me if he thought I might gather one up for him and let him take it home with him. Seriously! I wish I could say I had a special connection with the insect world but…..Lets just say I have a very healthy respect for them, lol!

      Again I apologize and if you want me to pull the pic I will.
      Goddess Bless,
      Lady A


  3. I’m so sorry you were feeling bad, I’m real glad your ok. I get up everyday to read your posts and learn more and more, but I do miss it when your not here 🙂


    1. Thank you, sweetie! I miss not being here. We decided a little bit ago, if one of us is sick we don’t do anything. It seems like that’s when the crap hits the fan. But ain’t that par for course, lol! Did you see I responded to your post and your wand will be mailed today. Thank you again. I am so glad you enjoy the site.


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