Daily Motivator for Sept. 29th – Great power

Great power

You have great power, yet much of that power can easily be wasted on trivial,  meaningless things. Imagine what would happen if you devoted more of your power  to the truly important, meaningful things.

In the moments that fill each day, in your thoughts, words and actions, there  is great power. When that power is purposeful and well focused, you can do  amazing things with it.

Every little action you take changes the world in some way. Over the course  of a day, a month or a lifetime, you end up taking a whole lot of actions.

Momentous achievements come from countless small acts all taken in the  service of a specific purpose. That’s the power of purpose, and you most  certainly have it whenever you choose to use it.

Don’t let the great power of your life be drained by what doesn’t matter.  Make the choice to make intentional and meaningful use of that power.

In the life you live there is great, effective, world-changing power. Find  your very own unique and beautiful way to put it to use.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator