Spell To Bring a Lover Back

Spell To Bring a Lover Back


What You’ll Need:

a white candle

a red candle

a new candle holder with a new wick


On Friday night during the time the moon is in its waxing phase, do an aura cleansing and then cast your circle as you normally would.  Inscribe your name onto the white candle and your lovers name onto the red candle. Everyday until your lover returns light the white candle and say:

“Truth in all things, love me _____”

Place three drops of the white candle wax into your candle hold with the new wick. Then light the red candle with the fire from the white candle and say:

“You love me you can’t deny return to me ______”

Place 3 drops of red wax into your new candle.While you are doing this visualize the person with great detail.

Eventually you will have need of a new candle. If your lover hasn’t returned to you by the the time the new candle is made then you are probably not meant to be. If this is the case and you are ready to move on, light the newly form candle and say;

“I release you from this spell, in releasing you I release myself, I am open to new love.”

Let the candle burn down and burn out.

If you lover returns keep making your candle but change the chants to bind them to you and make your love grow.