Spell To Become Completely Irresistible To All!

Spell To Become Completely Irresistible To All!

What You’ll Need:

rose petals (the prettier and healthier they are the better)

pink candle

light blue candle

wine and wine glass

sugar or honey

seduction oil

a small mirror


How to Make Seduction Oil:

1 rose petal

5 drops of musk

5 drops of civit

2 drops of patchouli

1 drop ambegris

1 drop jasmine

1 drop rosemary


On a Wednesday night anoint your candles with the seduction oil. Grab a small pinch of the sugar and throw it into the wine. Hold your power hand over the wine glass while holding the base of the wine glass with the opposite hand. Thrice say:

Beautiful, I call upon you to make this wish

Lend me your beauty and as I drink this

Make it so, he can’t resist

Place the wine glass on top of the mirror and light the blue candle. Take the blue candle and light the pink candle. Place the candles on either side of the mirror. It should be the blue candle, the wine glass and then the pink candle. Let the candles burn for six minutes. Meanwhile, while the candles are burning focus on the wine glass. On the seventh minute drink the wine while seeing yourself  filled with attracting energy.

You can also place the wine bottle on the altar while you are doing this to infuse the bottle with seduction. This is good to do if you can have the person drink the wine before the next new moon.