HAPPY, HAPPY Monday! It’ a rainy day around here as well as a bad witch day, lol!

Wouldn’t you just love to go to this quack, I mean doctor, lol! I have a doctor’s appointment here in just a bit. This is the doctor I just love to pieces, NOT! He is the one that draws off the fluid off my joints. I am still trying to figure this one out. Now I have a disease that eats all the sacks in my body that hold fluid. But now I have a doctor pulling fluid off the joints where these sacks are. Hmm…does that make any sense to you? I could have saved the insurance company a couple of hundred dollars by telling them to let the disease go. I just don’t understand doctors at all. All I know is every time I get hooked up with one I get screwed. So I try to avoid them much as possible.

Now about this morning, I was a good little witch. I got up at 5:00 ready to go. I went and made coffee and came back in here and curled up in the floor. The next thing I knew the phone was ringing at 9:00. Oh, crap! The first contractor was suppose to be here at 9:00. That was him on the phone waking me up. I don’t know what happened I just passed out. Then I had another contractor show up at 11:00. You see I am getting estimates on the house now. Fun, Fun, Fun!

But I planned on having your daily postings done by 8 am, who am I kidding, lol! I told you I ain’t a morning person. Now you believe it. I swear to you the WOTC will back to its normal self tomorrow. Whatever normal is for us, lol!

Have a very blessed day my dear family and friends,

Love ya,

Lady A

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One thought on “HAPPY, HAPPY Monday! It’ a rainy day around here as well as a bad witch day, lol!

  1. I’m glad to know that the radio silence was you having a well-deserved nap. You don’t know what happened? Sometimes nature will have its way. You obviously needed to shut-eye. 🙂


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