HAPPY, HAPPY Monday! It’ a rainy day around here as well as a bad witch day, lol!

Wouldn’t you just love to go to this quack, I mean doctor, lol! I have a doctor’s appointment here in just a bit. This is the doctor I just love to pieces, NOT! He is the one that draws off the fluid off my joints. I am still trying to figure this one out. Now I have a disease that eats all the sacks in my body that hold fluid. But now I have a doctor pulling fluid off the joints where these sacks are. Hmm…does that make any sense to you? I could have saved the insurance company a couple of hundred dollars by telling them to let the disease go. I just don’t understand doctors at all. All I know is every time I get hooked up with one I get screwed. So I try to avoid them much as possible.

Now about this morning, I was a good little witch. I got up at 5:00 ready to go. I went and made coffee and came back in here and curled up in the floor. The next thing I knew the phone was ringing at 9:00. Oh, crap! The first contractor was suppose to be here at 9:00. That was him on the phone waking me up. I don’t know what happened I just passed out. Then I had another contractor show up at 11:00. You see I am getting estimates on the house now. Fun, Fun, Fun!

But I planned on having your daily postings done by 8 am, who am I kidding, lol! I told you I ain’t a morning person. Now you believe it. I swear to you the WOTC will back to its normal self tomorrow. Whatever normal is for us, lol!

Have a very blessed day my dear family and friends,

Love ya,

Lady A

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Today’s I Ching Hexagram for July 11 is 32: Endurance

32: Endurance

Hexagram 32

General Meaning:  Endurance is fostered when inner constancy is coupled with external flexibility. Long-distance runners must adapt readily to changing conditions, while maintaining an inner determination and strength of purpose. Two trees growing near each other adapt to enhance each other’s survival. A strong image of durability is a stable marriage of intimate partners striking a dynamic balance between involvement in the outside world and nourishment in the home.

True endurance is not based on rigidity, for endurance implies movement, not immobilization. Only by adapting to change can we stay in the race; but only by deepening our sense of purpose can we develop the fortitude to win it.

Continuity is achieved through movement, not by keeping still. That which has ceased to grow is close to death. Stay active, but allow yourself time to stay in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Well I would say “Happy, Happy Tuesday” but it real wasn’t……..

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 Good morning, afternoon, night???? If I don’t write quickly it will be Wednesday in about 30 minutes, lol! Well I didn’t run off, I just had some things I had to do and they took all day.


 First off, my husband’s work truck has needed low beam highlights for I don’t know how long. He got on his high horse Monday, “you’ve got to call and get them fixed, you’ve got too!” Well I called yesterday and found a place out here in the sticks that could fix them either yesterday or today. Yesterday it poured down rain and it was so dreary, I didn’t want to mess with it. So this morning when I got up, five minutes later, here he came, “you going to get the truck fixed today?” The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. His truck and he can’t take it and get it fixed. To keep the peace, I said I would take it and get it fixed. I think he wants me to take it because I was practically born in a garage and he figures we won’t get screwed. Well me and Kiki loaded up in the truck and off we went. The regular place I take the place and get all the work done on the truck was closed. So I found this new place to get the work done. Well I pulled up in front of it and liked to have died. The garage looked like my cousin’s garage before I went to work there. Dirty, nasty, awful, I think that pretty well describes it. We walked in the office area and I swear I thought I had walked into the twilight zone. The mechanic was eating lunch, so we sit down and had a nice long chat. I made the mistake of telling him I use to run the office at a garage. We got to talking about timing chains, timing belts, motors, starters, transmissions and every other car part there is. What should have taken 30 minutes turned into two hours. Poor little Kiki was given out. She curled up in a chair and finally went to sleep. I found out the garage hasn’t been that busy recently and I guess they were just happy to have someone to talk too. I know when I got ready to leave he offered me a job. I just sort of laughed and said I had retired. I done been through that mess of taking a junkyard and turning it into a decent business. No thank you, never again! 


Next, I had to drive 50 miles to go get my prescriptions. Our insurance has recently changed and I was in for a fantastic surprise when I pulled up. I owed more than triple what I usually pay. Then there was one prescription that the insurance company decided I didn’t need to take the way the doctor had ordered me to take it. Then there was another, why heck fire I didn’t even need that one! I was dumbfounded to say the least. Since when does an insurance company know how to doctor a person. What is the world coming too? Needless to say, I put that insurance company on my to do list when I got home. 


Then when I finally got home, calmed down and ate, I decided I wanted to get on the internet. Well to put an end to such a wonderful day, the internet was down. They were putting in new wiring. When we had the ice storm a few years ago, all the above ground lines snapped. So all the utilities have been trying to run everything underground now. Today just happened to be my lucky day, they were running the line underground. So I said the heck with it and sit down and fumed. 


But all in all, it was a very lovely day, not! It was drizzling rain and my ears are killing me and my throat is swelled up and killing me. In other words, I will be back at the doctor’s office to get an antibiotic for this crap. Which mean, I will have another fight with the insurance company because they probably won’t pay for crap. It is wonderful how this little mouse maze we call life runs. 


But I wanted to let you know that I haven’t run off. I just took a leisurely day off, lmao! I would have much rather been home, in my nice warm house, rain-free, playing on the internet. I can’t think of any adventures I have to do Wednesday, so things will get back to normal. 


So please forgive me for not doing the daily posts as I was out having a ball, lol! I will see you Wednesday!


 Have a great night and sweet dreams,

Lady A  


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