Blessings To All My Wonderful Family & Friends On This Beautiful Thursday!

Good Thursday morning, my dearest of friends! How are you doing today? I hope fine. It is beautiful here today. We have a coating of snow on the ground. The sun is shining on it and absolutely blinds you to look out the window. It just seems like a sign from the Goddess that each of our days will now be getting brighter and brighter.

I do need to let you know something. We will have to get off the site early today. The weather service around here issued a blizzard warning for us Christmas night, we all laughed. I mean really a blizzard warning for Kentucky, sure. Well, we are laughing out the other end now. We had a blizzard, the winds around here got up to 70 mph. It was one heck of a storm. Anyway, you all know we are located out in the boonies. We have several old, large trees around our building. One of those old, large trees got blowed over. Thankfully a younger tree caught it and the guys have it braced up were it won’t come through the building. But I have been on the phone this morning trying to get someone out here ASAP! I got in touch with a company that said they would be here around 1:00. So when they show up to cut the tree, we will have to leave the building.  I asked them how long it would take and they said it depends on how big the tree is. I am going to send the rest of the ladies home. Myself and some of the guys are going to stay here to  make sure nothing bad happens. Heck if it does, I don’t know what we are going to do about it, lol!

But I thought I would let you know why we are going to disappear around one this afternoon. It is always something, I swear. I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and remember one more day to the weekend. TGIF!

Blessings to you & yours, dear friends,

Love ya,

Lady A


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