The Witches Almanac for *Tuesday, December 11th

The Witches Almanac for *Tuesday, December 11th

**Tuesday (Mars): Passion, sex, courage, aggression and protection.

Pilgrimage at Tortugas

Moon Sign: *Scorpio

**Scorpio: Increases awareness of psychic power. Precipitates psychic crises and ends connections thoroughly. People tend to brood and become secretive.

*Waning Moon

**The Waning Moon (from the Full Moon to the New): is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Moon enters *Sagittarius 5:22 pm

**Sagittarius: Encourages flights of imagination and confidence. This is an adventurous, philosophical and athletic Moon sign. Favors expansion and growth.

Moon Phase: Fourth Quarter

Incense: Cinnamon

Color: Red



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