Daily Cosmic Calendar for October 9

While the Moon in Cancer is still in void uncertainty mode, the cosmos offers you a trio of favorable alignments and one clunker. The positive aspects include Venus trine Pluto (1:05AM PDT) and Venus making an inspirational, 72-degree to Vesta (1:10AM PDT) while Juno trines Uranus (3:37AM PDT), and Venus also makes a potentially frictional contra-parallel to Saturn (3:46AM PDT).  Venus — being involved in three of four of these sky patterns — puts you on notice that love bonds and monetary issues require due diligence. The fact that the Moon is void while this hullabaloo is happening is another reason why it is hard to find true stability during this time-period.  The Moon’s arrival in fiery, warmhearted Leo (4:56AM PDT) should remove a certain amount of overall doubt and confusion. Allow your inner child to come out to play for several hours. Your creative artistic spirit has extra potency, but watch out for a rising tide of egocentricity as Mercury forms an off-kilter, 150-degree to Uranus (8:39AM PDT) and the Sun clashes with Mars via a frictional, 45-degree tie (11:32AM PDT).  Strive for serenity and, while you are at it, tune into a larger dimension of self-confidence as a grand trine in fire signs develops where the Moon trines Mars (8:19AM PDT) and Uranus (4:36PM PDT). Put your best foot forward in a favorite craft or hobby.