Basic Sage Cleansing

Basic Sage Cleansing

Items You Will Need:

  • Sage,
  • Feather (Optional),
  • Charcoal Disc.

The Spell:

Before you start, close all of your windows and doors.

Start by lighting up your charcoal disc.   Wait until it turns white (that’s when you know it’s ready to start smudging!   Drop some slightly crushed Sage on it and wait for it to start smoking.   When it starts smoking, go to each room and fill the room with the smoke.   While you are filling the rooms, you can inhale a small amount of the smoke to cleanse yourself.

As you step into each room and with a commanding voice chant the following:

I cleanse this room of all negativity!   Only love and light may enter!

Pay attention to the smoke, because when it turns black it means that in that room, there is that certain negativity that you wish to dispose of.   When you went through all the rooms, return to the room where the smoke turned black and re-do this, until the smoke has turned back to grey!