The Wicca Book of Days for August 17 – Sunflower Story

The Wicca Book of Days for August 17

Sunflower Story


As a Leonian day, August 17’s “planetary” ruler is the sun, with which many Gods have been identified, including Helios. A tale told by the ancient Greeks about this golden deity concerns the nymph Clytia (or Clytie), who feel in love with Helios, but whose passion was not returned. Jealous of his affair with Leucothoe, a Babylonian princess, Clytia told her strict father of it, whereupon he buried his daughter alive. As for Clytia, she eventually wasted away gazing at Helios, whereupon she was transformed into a sunflower, which still follows the movement of the sun with its head.


A Sun-loving Flower


Place a sunflower on your altar, both to concentrate your thoughts on the Sun and as a reminder of the destruction inherent in burning passion. When they have ripened, harvest the seeds. Remove the tough cases to find a delicious, nutritious snack.