Today’s Witch For August 14 – Being The Change


Being The Change

By Tess Whitehurst

The year 2012 is finally here, and it’s lived up to its promise of marking an uncommonly interesting moment in history of our species. To many of us, it appears that we’re at a critical juncture, which may very soon culminate in one of two main outcomes: we humans might destroy or decimate ourselves by blowing ourselves up or making our environment unlivable, or we might find a way to harmoniously evolve into a peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship with our planet and each other.

You Must be the
Change you want to
See in the world. — Mahatma Gandhi

While it remains to be seen whether or not this big change is true, it is nonetheless significant that so many people, regardless of their spiritual and/or scientific persuasion, have a strong feeling that it is. Furthermore, no matter what the future may or may not hold, moving toward greater harmony is never a bad thing, and there has never been a better time for it than now.

As shapers of reality, our role during this time is extremely vital: our thoughts, words, rituals and visualizations, when directed toward universal healing and harmonization, have the potential to be a precious contribution to the future of the human race, wildlife and the environment as we know it. In addition to our work in the ethereal or spiritual realm, working in the physical realm — as activists, disseminators of information, artists, healers, teachers, volunteers, etc. —- can fortify our efforts, empower our intentions and generally help heal the world in a concrete, tangible way. And as we know from the Law of Returns, each of our positive intentions and generous actions will return to us multiplied, so our global healing efforts will also allow us to steep ourselves in positivity, harmony and good fortune.


Excerpt from:

“Being The Change”

By Tess Whitehurst

Llewellyn’s 2012 Witches’ Companion,

An Almanac for Everyday Living by Llewellyn