Lucifer’s Touch

Lucifer’s Touch

A Powerful Evil Hex

Light 3 black candles at midnight and repeat the following three times. If you have a bell you should ring it three times at  the beginning of this ritual.

I call to the mighty bringer of light, Lucifer…     “Spirits of the abyss, hear my call     all most powerful, one and all     Lucifer my thoughts do sing     through the universe they now ring     Take thine enemy, take him smite     Break him, scorn him in the night     From the mighty depths of hell     cast your darkness on his shell     Oh Lucifer, oh shining star     Touch him, burn him from afar     Revenge now will have its day     for thine enemy starts to fray”     So mote it be!

During the time spent doing this hex, you should be worked up into a frenzy of anger and thinking of the darkness about to  descend upon your enemy.     When you are done, extinguish the candles.


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