This rite is used to bind the will of a spirit. The spirit during the rite will hence forth do all in his power to overwhelm the operator with terror, so as to incite him to abandon the enterprise, hoping in this manner to escape from the wiles which are beginning to be woven about him. The operation needs you to purchase a virgin animal, which must be decapitated on the third day of the moon. Previously to the sacrifice, a garland of Vervain must be wound about the neck of the animal, immediately below the head, and secured by means of green ribbon. The sacrifice must be offered on the scene of the coming evocation, a forlorn and isolated spot free from all interruption. There, with the right arm bared to the shoulder, having armed himself with a blade of fine steel, and having kindled a fire of white wood, the Karcist shall recite the following words in a hopeful and animated manner:- Initial Offering “I immolate this animal victim to Thee, O grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel and Jehovam, to the honor, glory and power of Thy Name, which is superior to all Spirits. O grand Adonay! Vouchsafe to receive it as an acceptable offering. Amen.” Here he must cut the throat of the animal, skin it, set the body on the fire and reduce it to ashes, which must be collected and cast towards the rising of the sun, at the same time repeating the following words:- “It is to the honor, glory and dominion of Thy Name, O grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel, Jehovam, that I spill the blood of this victim! Vouchsafe, O Thou grand Adonay, to receive its ashes as an acceptable sacrifice.” While the victim is being consumed by the flames, the operator shall rejoice in the honor and glory or the grand Adonay, Eloim, Ariel and Jehovam, taking care to preserve the skin of the virgin animal to form the round or grand Kabalistic circle, in which he must himself stand on the day of the supreme enterprise.