The Wicca Book of Days for Aug. 7th – Seven Chakras

The Wicca Book of Days for Aug. 7th

Seven Chakras


In Indian yogic – and Wiccan – belief, the chakras (“Wheels” in Sanskrit) are seven major energy centers within the human body, each being associated with a color, function and purpose. The first chakra (red) is located at the base of the spine; the second (orange), at the sacrum; the third (Yellow), at the solar plexus; the fourth (green) at the heart; the fifth (blue), at the throat; the sixth (violet), at the “third eye”; and the seventh (brilliant white), at the drown of the head. When meditating, energy is visualized rising sinuously from the base of the spine, opening each chakra in turn.


A Happy Heart

Leo corresponds to the human heart and back in astrological belief, so this Leonian day presents a good opportunity to cherish these areas of your body. Resolve to eat plenty of heart friendly fruits and vegetables each day and to wear comfortable shoe from now on.