Goddess For Today: Maat

Goddess For Today: Maat

Themes: Freedom; New Beginnings; Justice; Morality; Organization; Promises; Universal Law

Symbols: Ostrich Feather (or any feather)

About Maat: In Egypt, Maat is the ultimate representation of fairness, justice, and truth. As the spirit of orderliness and legislation, she assists us by overseeing any legal matters, hearings, promises, and oaths to ensure harmony and honesty. In some Egyptian stories, a person’s soul was weighed against Maat’s feather to gain entrance to paradise.

To Do Today:

On June 19 in 1865, the slaves in Texas were finally told about the Emancipation Proclamation signed three years previously. While freedom was slow in coming, it finally arrived, likely in part thanks to Maat’s encouragement.

For all of Maat’s spells it’s best to have a feather to use as a component and focal point. Change the color of your feather to suit the goal. Pick blue for true seeing (or to encourage honesty with yourself), white for pure promises, black and white for legal equity, and pale yellow to inspire a new beginning filled with Maat’s keen insight. Bless the feather, using the following incantation (fill in the blank with your goal), then release it to the wind so the magic begins to move!

Maat, on this feather light,

bring to me renewed insight.

To my life _____ impart;

make a home within my heart.

By Patricia Telesco – From “365 Goddess” and GrannyMoon’sMorningFeast