Mercury retro meets Uranus-Pluto square: karmic turning points galore!

Mercury retro meets Uranus-Pluto square: karmic turning points galore!

By: Tosha Silver

Let the moment have its way with you.”    Carla Torres

Pay tremendous attention to what arrives (and or leaves) your forcefield over the next two weeks.

We are in another one of those Big-Ass Karmic Turning Points that have been littering the landscape for months now. Mercury retrograde in Leo started yesterday (until Aug 7).  A powerful New Moon at 26 Cancer arrives on Wednesday the 18th.

And then there’s that intensely pivotal Uranus/Mars/Pluto T-square aligning big-time all week.

Some sites say wear a crash helmet but that’s an awfully limited perspective. My general feeling is BE WARY of the sites that use any transit to scare the living bejeezus out of you.  While yes,  it’s true that the coming configuration might be volatile and even accident-prone due to the strength of the squares and the planets involved, you can very much ALLEVIATE that by being centered and in the Flow.  Aligning with the Divine is the key to navigating every transit,  learning to NOT inundate with fear and resistance.

And actually there’s a ‘higher’ interpretation for this particular T-square too. Changes can come very very quickly under this.  Situations that have felt ‘stuck’ for aeons can dramatically unstick in ways that are a huge relief.

So be open, don’t bother greeting possible changes with fear, negativity and resistance.  No need!

Intense blessings may in fact arrive in extremely unexpected ways.  The nature of Uranus is SURPRISE; many people already experiencing this.  In some cases, what you thought MIGHT happen has not (so far…) but something ELSE quite wonderful might be happening instead that you never expected.   And that might be even more so after August 8 when Mercury goes direct.  The ability to move with the changes in an alert and open fashion is invaluable.

In the end, what matters is the level of consciousness and vibration that is held under any given transit.  Know how to move with the Shakti and protect yourself from negative thinking in every possible way.  This potent T-square will absolutely magnify whatever you send into the universe, including anger and negativity.  Help keep your vibration HIGH.

“My life is Supremely and Divinely guided. Every day it become easier to breathe, relax and move with the Flow.  I can let the energy move through me and be a profound, useful vehicle for the good of all.

Allow me to release whatever needs to be released.  And help me to gratefully receive whatever needs to arrive.  I am always safe and in the right place at the right time in every possible way.  All is unfolding exactly on schedule in Divine Order.

All is well.”