National Geographic will beam UFO Twitter message from humanity into space

Jeffery Pritchett
Marianna Paranormal Examiner

This endeavor seems like a strange one coming from Chasing UFOs and the National Geographic Channel. Compiling messages from humanity through Twitter members. Sending a message to Extrateresstrials hopefully who are on other planets or flying around in their UFOs. What will the messages contain and who will answer? These are the questions I am wondering about this fantastic high strange endeavor. I have had many guests on my radio show The Church Of Mabus discussing UFOs and alien life for going on four years now. I have to say this scenario certainly has my attention and I find it fascinating. I am grateful to be able to share the message with you here on my Examiner. What do you think will happen? Good hopefully and not the summoning forth of interstellar marauders to devour our very souls. Then one must ask if this did work and it was answered. Would there be a cover up by government agencies to suppress the message? Or is it a part of their agenda altogether? Many questions with so little answers. Either way it’s highly fascinating to say the least! Now for the peanut and jelly of the sandwich of a situation…

Back in 1977, scientists detected a transmission from space now known as The Wow! Signal. This message was thirty times stronger than anything that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) had received (or has since) – yet to this day it remains unexplained, and more importantly, unanswered. But if The Wow! Signal really was a cosmic “tweet” from our nearest neighbors, we think it’s high time we send an @reply.

On June 29th, from 8PM ET to midnight PT, National Geographic will collect all response Tweets, tagged with the hashtag #ChasingUFOs. Then, on August 15th –the anniversary of the Wow Signal– they’ll package those tweets (along with videos recorded by VIPs including this one from Jorge Garcia) and transmit them into space from Arecibo Observatory, the world’s largest ground-based telescope (think: Contact).

Here’s an embeddable YouTube video from the hosts of “Chasing UFOs” that explains the program:

To participate, all people need to do is:

• Compose a short Twitter message of their own

• Include the #ChasingUFOs hashtag

• Tweet it on June 29, anytime between 8pm ET and midnight PT

• Pass the word to others – we want as many voices represented as possible. This is a chance to be a part of the cosmic message

• Look out for the tweets on air; they’ll be curated and streamed during showings of “Chasing UFOs”

• Then, watch for word as we’ll be packaging up those tweets and beaming them out to the great beyond on August 15th

There’s more info about The Wow! Signal and the project in general, including embeddable video, etc. at