McDonalds customer finds cockroach in food; Arby’s customer finds finger

Howard Portnoy
NY Restaurant Examiner

A two-fer from the world of fast food. Remarkably, both stories broke on the same day.

The first anecdote, supported by visual evidence, comes from Reddit user LinkBoyJT who writes, I was eating a hash brown from McDonald’s on the way home when I felt something on the bottom….”

The something turned out to be a cockroach. But it is what happened next that gives the tale its unique flavor. In an addendum to the original post, LinkBoyJT states:

I took the thing and showed it to the manager and she marked my receipt so I could get the same meal for free the next time I come in for breakfast. She didn’t really seem all that concerned. [Emphasis added]

The same meal? Does that mean he is going back? And if so, is it in an effort to see what prize turns up in his next order of hash browns?

Meanwhile TIME carries a story out of Jackson, Michigan that gives a new definition to finger sandwich. A 14-year-old sitting in a car in the parking lot of an Arby’s with his mother and her friend had just tucked into his roast beef sandwich when he came upon something that he said was rubbery and hard to chew. Removing the offending object from his mouth, he shouted out (ostensibly in the local vernacular), “That gots to be a finger.”

His mother, Jamie Vail, at first assumed he was clowning around. Then she got a look at the severed digit, which she described as about an inch long and between an eighth and a quarter of inch thick.

Sure enough, an employee during an earlier shift had cut her finger on a meat slicer. Jackson police and the Jackson County Health Department both had a record of the injury. A spokesman for the health department said that the injured employee had likely left her station and was replaced by other workers before anyone was wise to what had happened.

John Gray, vice president for corporate communications and public relations for the chain, released a statement reading in part:

Arby’s wants to reassure customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment. We are deeply concerned and apologetic to the guest involved in this unfortunate incident.

As for the teen, Vail told the website Michigan Live, “He hasn’t been able to sleep very good.” That’s entirely reasonable. Given what he’s been through, the child gots to be having nightmares.