Calendar of the Sun for June 9th

9 Lithemonath

Jotunheim Day

Colors: Brown and dark green
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a brown and green cloth place many potted plants, as if to form a jungle. In their midst place a shallow bowl full of stones and water, a hammer, a horn of mead, and many knives and swords.
Offerings: Leave offerings outside to the land-vaettir.
Daily Meal: Meat.

Jotunheim Invocation

Hail to the land of the Jotun
And all its indwellers in the outlands!
By the cliff-thurses in their mountain crags,
By the rime-thurses in the lands of frost,
By the fire-thurses, children of Surt and Sinmora,
By the skogsrar, the wood-roes of the forest,
By the nackar, the nixies of the many rivers of Hvergelmir,
By the sjora, the spirits of the sacred lakes,
By the forskarlar, the falls-men of the watery heights,
By the duergar who live under the Earth,
By every powerful etin warrior,
By every lovely and terrible etin-bride,
By the power of the land-wights themselves
Upon which all our footsteps fall,
By Utgard and Thrymheim and Gastropnir,
We honor you in all your elemental glory!
Bless us with your courage
And your unswerving persistence,
And your understanding of the natural world
In all its wonder.
Hail, kingdom of Jotunheim, great in magic!

(The mead is passed around, and any who wish to remember the name of a particular Jotun-spirit may do so. The rest is poured out as a libation. Then all take drums and rattles, and gather around in a circle, and let there be drumming and low, wordless chanting for the rest of the hour.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


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