Good Saturday Morning, my luvs! I Hope Your Day Is Off To A Great Start!

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Good Saturday Morning, my sweets! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far. I am having one of those lmao days! I been playing on Facebook. And I won’t say anymore about that, lmao! But as you can tell I got a good tickle out of it.

But on a much more serious note, I won’t to talk about an article that I posted the other day. It was about Witches being able to recognize other Witches without the pentacles, pentagrams and the such. I went to Wal-mart yesterday and I had the strangest thing happen to me. I was back at the candle section and there was this very handsome man there also. He was looking at bulbs for a wax candle warmer. Anyway, I told him that I had bought a bulb one time and it blew up in the warmer the minute I turned it on. Well he said he would take care of that right now. He opened up one of the boxes, as he did so we continued to talk. After he had checked the bulb and closed the box. He turned and looked at me and said, “You’re a Witch, aren’t you?” I looked at him and didn’t say a thing. He told me he could feel my power so I shouldn’t deny it. I told him I wasn’t denying anything yet. He just laughed. We talked some more, he had a few questions like was I a Coven Witch, if so what Coven and he went on and on about Covens. He told me if I was in a Coven, I had to be the High Priestess. I stopped him in his tracks and told him real plain, “No, I was a Solitary Practitioner.” He informed me he had been looking for a Coven in the area to join. I told him I only knew of one and I wouldn’t recommend it (here comes the hexes now, lol!). But I wouldn’t, why lie? Anyway he went on to say it was a shame I wasn’t in a coven. He would love to do a fertility rite with me. I liked to have fallen out in the floor. I told him it was nice talking to him but I really had to go. He followed me for a bit and I finally turned around and told him to go away.

The point of this whole wild situation is that you don’t have to advertise being a Witch. Another Witch can pick up on your energy and automatically know you are what you are. We don’t need to wear our pentagrams, pentacles and whatever for each of us to recognize a brother or sister of The Craft. We are all bonded by blood whether kin or not. We are bonded by blood through the Goddess and most of all Her Love. Her Love and Goodness is what shines through. You know sitting here writing this I just thought of something. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the mundane could see us for what we truly are? Think of all the pain and suffering over the years that would have saved. Think of all the lives of our beloved Ancestors that would have saved. If only the world could see us for what we truly are. Then they would know us for the beautiful being we really are. Not the monsters that Hollywood and all the old myths have portrayed us as being. Perhaps one day, the real world will see. Perhaps one day, we will be accepted no matter where we are. Perhaps that day is coming…….soon!

2 thoughts on “Good Saturday Morning, my luvs! I Hope Your Day Is Off To A Great Start!

  1. Oh, no! The reason most of us don’t want to be ‘seen’ is that the average response is either fear or jealousy. Better to understand the other party prior to laying the (tarot) cards on the table.


    1. I can say I agree with you completely. I also understand why we are reluctant to reveal ourselves to others. First off, it is against the Ordains for a Witch to reveal herself. Unfortunately, I always get found out by other Witches. It has happened on numerous occasions, in the Dollar Store, in the Bookstore, here, there, everywhere. I did run into one person at a flea market that I wanted to hex right on the spot. I know that isn’t nice but he hollered (and I mean hollered), “Blessed Be!” across a hall of crowded people. I looked over my shoulder and saw who it was. My husband told me I had better do something or the fool wasn’t going to shut up. So we casually strolled over to his table. He looked at me and said, “You are a Witch!” Then he yelled again, “We have a real live Witch right here!” I was enraged. I picked up some incenses and told him, “If you open your mouth one more time you will regret it the rest of your life.” My husband added, “That is a promise from the both of us.”

      But my point in writing what I did was to simply make the comment that Witches know each other. Unfortunately what we have had to indure, we are very secretive about revealing our identity. And we are not suppose too. You know writing this makes me stop and think. Why on earth do these other Witches call me out? Is it because there are so few of us in public, they are happy to see another Witch? Or do they not know the Laws? Do they not know our history? I pass other Witches and I don’t stop and say, “Hey, you’re a Witch!” So why can’t they others just let it go. A casual, knowing glance would be fine. Instead of annoucing it to the world, gee.

      But I agree with you, I want to know the other party’s intention before I expose myself. And then I want to dig a little deeper to see what’s up. It is better to steer toward caution in these situations.


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