Calendar of the Sun for Thursday, May 24th

24 Thrimilchimonath

Day of the Horae

Colors: Black, dark blue, and white
Element: Air
Altar: Divide the altar into three parts. The first part is covered with cloth of black, upon which is set a white candle and a scroll or book of the Principles. The second part is covered with a dark blue cloth, upon which is set a silver candle, a scale, and a blade. The third part is covered with a white cloth, upon which is set a green candle and a leafy wreath.
Offerings: Read the Principles and meditate on them.
Daily Meal: Vegan and simple.

Invocation to the Horae

Call: Hail Eunomia, Keeper of Rules!
Response: Hail Eunomia, She Who Draws Boundaries!
Call: For without boundaries, we trespass on each other.
Response: For without rules, we cannot find a path in the wilderness.
Call: Hail, Maiden who keeps the Laws of the Universe!
Response: Hail, Hora of the Upraised Hand!
Call: May your chains bring discipline to our lives!
Response: May your chains set our spirits free!
Call: Hail Dike, Giver of Justice!
Response: Hail Dike, She Who Returns All That Is Given!
Call: For without justice, all things fall into tyranny.
Response: For without return and recourse, the cycle is broken.
Call: Hail, Maiden of who balances all things in her scale!
Response: Hail, Hora of the Even Hand!
Call: May your keen blade cut fine and true through all wrongs!
Response: May your keen blade slice away our prejudices!
Call: Hail Irene, Keeper of the Peace!
Response: Hail Irene, She Who Brings Harmony!
Call: For without harmony, there is no progress.
Response: For without peace, we burn to nothingness.
Call: Hail, Maiden who walks unafraid toward the enemy!
Response: Hail, Hora of the Open Hand!
Call: May your flowering branch blossom into the fruits of serenity!
Response: May your holy name bring unity to the world!

Narrow the Rule and just our hand,
We keep the peace and together we stand.

(Read the Principles aloud, and leave in silence.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


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