Dog-gone Doggie of the Day for May 23rd

Name: Luna
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Australian Shepherd, Labrador
Home: Germany
Hi, in the picture you can see my pet Luna. It’s a dog, a mixture between Australian Shepherd and Labrador. Her color is blue merle and she is two years old, but her birthday is on May 31st so it is coming up soon.

Luna lives in our house. Her sleeping place is on the floor, but during the holidays her favourite place to sleep is in my bed. My dog is an intelligent one, we took her to the dog school near by us. There she learned sit, down, come on, heel, and a lot of tricks.

Her personality is very funny, like a mickey mouse and she is always “hungry.” For example she eats my socks, which I do not think must have tasted very good! Luna wants always be with us. She amuses our familiy very much!!

Luna can do tricks like “give me five,” “chuck,” “play dead” and “turn around.” We live in a little village in a house with garden. There Luna plays her favorite games, frisbee or fetch with a ball. Also she plays with our other dog Sally. In the summertime she often wants to catch butterflies and bees.

I’m very happy about Luna!!