May 4 – Daily Feast

May 4 – Daily Feast

Little things speak to our hurts. Sounds, fragrances, music that would mean nothing to others, reach into our souls to do a work that the obvious could not touch. Simple remedies can heal the deepest ills – a smile, a contented whistle of a passerby, the sounds of birds twittering at dusk – these things warm us and give us hope. But we have to listen for voices, inner and outer, to give us rest – and turn away the negative talk, the negative circumstance. We don’t always believe we have a choice – but we have more space there to work than we know. We can no longer scoff at the power to help ourselves. We have a bigger hand in it than imagined, and it is our decision to get down to business and be open to help and healing from unlikely sources.

~ Day and night cannot dwell together. Your religion was written on tables of stone, ours was written on our hearts. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler