Your Daily Cosmic Calendar for May 3

Since the next Full Moon – often considered the most powerful one of the year in esoteric circles – happens on Saturday night, today and tomorrow constitute a 48-hour time-period of preparing for the enlightening inflow of spiritual vibrations that always occurs when the Sun and Moon reach their monthly apotheosis. Helping you see the greater light, love and wisdom of the divinely-orchestrated universe is a subtle, 30-degree rapport between Mercury and Jupiter (7:55AM PDT). Nevertheless, it’s relatively easy to lose your moorings and stumble into a crisis due to Mercury also making a caustic, 135-degree link to volatility-creator Mars (7:55AM PDT). Notice that Mercury is simultaneously connecting with Jupiter and Mars via different aspects. Primary partnerships for many people right now are on the edgy and confusing side since Juno in Sagittarius forms a sharp square to Neptune in Pisces (12:48PM PDT). This is clearly not the best time to enunciate romantic overtures to a dear one who might not be in a very receptive mood. On the other hand, you can always try to tweak a 90-degree aspect like this in order to empower a relationship that may have lost its magic in the recent past. The bottom line is pushing too hard to make your way the only path ahead – on the partnership front – will probably boomerang with nasty results. Several hours after the Juno-Neptune fracas begins dissipating, Mercury forms a far-more upbeat and supportive, 60-degree link to Venus (8:02PM PDT). Whenever Mercury and Venus contact one another in a sextile aspect of 60-degrees, scientific, literary interests and musical as well as artistic abilities can all merge into a wonderful symphony of creative expression.