Special Kitties of the Day for April 20th

B'Jovi, the Cat of the Day
Name: B’Jovi
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Marietta, Georgia, USA
B‘Jovi’s name came from my love for the band Bon Jovi and I just wanted to give her a name that reflected that. She is very curious, likes to suck on my fingers and loves to sleep in weird poses.

B’Jovi is absolutely crazy, she roams the house hours on end chirping and moaning. She likes to hear us talk and answers back if and when spoken to. She is pushy and an all in your face kind of kitten, if she feels she is not getting enough attention she will climb on you and push her head under your hand until you pet her, and she will also push her snout all over your face until you acknowledge her. She knows when I am getting ready to shower and waits for me at the ledge of the bath and waits for me until I am done. If we are cleaning she follows us around and loves to just be everywhere we are (she is the definition of lap cat). And last but certainly not least what makes me laugh about her the most is the poses she chooses to lay down in, basically making a complete circle of herself.

Also I guess I should mention that the reason or origin of her name are two things. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and originally the intention was to name her Jovi; however, every time I was going to call her I ended up saying B and then Jovi (because I was so used to calling my other cat) Butters … finally I got tired of fighting it and ended up changing her name to B’Jovi.

B'Jovi, the Cat of the Day
B'Jovi, the Cat of the Day