April 20 – Daily Feast

April 20 – Daily Feast

An idea is a rare butterfly that leads us through visual and spiritual experiences, and brings us out of the woods changed and ready to do something we never dreamed possible. Most people catch hold of ideas and immediately say they take too much time and money to be worth the effort. A quick excuse has cut more people out of doing a profitable and rewarding deed than all their other work put together. Fear of failure chips away at self-confidence until there is no heart to step into new territory. One needs the mind of a child to forget what happened an hour ago. If we cannot forget, we put it aside until we get to a place where we can understand. Otherwise, our creativity knows no bounds. We are caught up in a world of imagination – the thing that blesses all great inventors – playing what-if and finding great treasure.

~ The Cherokees’ tribal vitality would again save them, as it had throughout their history. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler



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