Special Kitty of the Day for April 15

Frodo, the Cat of the Day
Name: Frodo
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
This is an adventure, not unlike Lord of the Rings … because this Frodo passed through death as well, only to live, and so the adventure began.

My husband and I decided we were ready to find a new cat, as we lost our beautiful orange boy Puffin in the fall. We traveled to an acreage where we knew there was a litter of kittens with an orange one. We arrived to find the kittens panicked and scared because the previous night their momma and a sibling had met their demise by wild animals. Those remaining kittens had survived by climbing to the highest part of the outdoor cat house they lived in, all the while hearing the terrifying sound of decimation below.

Frodo was the only orange kitten in a litter with two black siblings. We were told that because of his bright color he would be easy pickings for the predators that roamed the acreage. So I eagerly wrapped him in my coat and drove home with our little bundle, knowing he was not only a survivor but an adventurer, so he was aptly named Frodo.

Frodo quickly adjusted to life indoors, although he loves to sit in the window watching the world go by; he loves to climb to the top of our screen door and chases anything that moves, including his big sister Iggy, much to her chagrin. He is a delight every day, making our home lively with the sound of his thundering paws. But at night, when all is quiet, he loves to crawl right under our covers and sleep the night away, knowing he is safe and sound and loved.

Frodo, the Cat of the Day
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