Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know

Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know

1. Magic is what happens when you open yourself to the Divine. All real magic is
a manifestation of the Divine – it is how you co-create reality with deity.

2. The Divine is within you and is everywhere present in the natural world. And
everything is interconnected by this sacred energy.

3. Wicca is not about information — it’s about transformation, so practice,
practice, practice — and do it as much as possible in Nature! Witchcraft
enables you to commune with divinity and to manifest your destiny, your desires
and your highest and sacred self.

4. The real ethics of how Witches live and practice magic are simple: Witches
live in a sacred manner because we live in a sacred world. We therefore treat
all of life with reverence and respect.

5. Because all magic flows from our connection to the Sacred, our lives and our
magic, must be guided by the sacred nature of the energy with which we work.

6. The energy Witches work with is not neutral — it is divine love.

7. Magic often works in unexpected way because it is not a mechanical process,
and the Universe is not a machine. You are living and making magic within a
divine, organic, living reality.

8. Witches don’t command and control — they commune and co-create.

9. The real secret of successful spellcasting, as with all of magic, is your
connection to the Divine power that dwells within you, and surrounds you. And
spells do work so be careful what you ask for!

10. Nature makes the Divine tangible. By working, living, and practicing your
magic in harmony with Nature, you are in harmony with the Divine.

11. The ultimate teacher is the God/Goddess inside you and in the world of
Nature all around you.

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2 thoughts on “Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know

  1. I have never read the words “Divine” and “Divinity” so many times in so little space. Also, Why is it all in uppercase? It makes it a bit of a pain to read.
    Anyhow, interesting insight. Does this only apply to Wicca, or are they personal reflections on the matter?

    Also, I’m quite curious, a male witch (like me) is called a Wizard or a Warlock? Warlock, with all honesty, sounds better than Wizard, but it all depend on the origins of the word, a matter in which I feel ignorant.


    1. Good Morning Sean,
      It is great to have you here. Yeah, we sort of got carried away with “Divine” and “Divinity,” didn’t we? I have a dear friend that is super religious and that is why these words are used so much. He happens to be an Elder in the Craft. I know he and some other Elders got together and brainstormed about what would be helpful for the younger generation to know. This post is from their own experiences pertaining to Witchcraft and Wicca. I apologize for the uppercase lettering. Most of the time, I open up my word processor and change the type. I have an old group that is full of material. Yesterday, I was over there tracking down some html code I needed for here. Then I got to thinking, what the heck while I am here, let’s see what I can dig up. And those posts were some of the stuff, I dug up. There is some great material over there that I just haven’t transferred over here yet. Next time, I dig up some info I will try my best to change the lettering size. I promise!

      In regards to the word “warlock,” I am not sure if you are asking my opinion on it or not. But if you aren’t, just ignore the following. If you are, here goes….I am a Hereditary Witch as you probably know. When I grew up the word “warlock” was not a term used for a male. A male is called a witch just like a female. I know some use the word “warlock” to describe a male witch but that is a big “No-No!” If these individuals will go back and check our history, they will find the true meaning of “warlock” and when it was only used. Warlock means an oath-breaker. One who has broken a Law or Ordain or did something else that is horribly wrong in our Religion. A warlock is branded and that person is never to be spoken to again or even recognized in the Craft. They are shunned. But you can go back in our history and discover this for yourself, if you have any doubts. But a male witch is a witch not ever a warlock. “Warlock” is definitely a dirty word in The Craft.

      I hope I have answered your question. If you have anymore questions or need any assistance on your Path, please let me know. I will be more than happy to answer them and help you. Till then….
      Goddess bless you,
      Lady A


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