Oh, I forgot to mention…..

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You know yesterday was pretty fun. Well, I thought so anyway, lol! I got to thinking, how would it be to have one of these “Showing The Love” pics, just pop up during the day. Then everyone could hit the “like” button on their favorite posts. It would sort of be like a game. You know, “When is that Love Pic Popping UP?” I don’t know of too many blog games you can play. It would be wonderful if there could be a prize for the person that hit the “Like” button the most. I know I use to do tags or siggies all the time for my group. I ain’t bragging on myself but I did do some awesome tags! Do people still use the tags though? There is no need for them on a blog. But if you visited a group, you could use them. Let me hear from you on this. Do you use tags or siggies? If you do and would, I would love to get back into making them. Remember I am a graphic fiend!

Keep an eye out for that “SHOW ME SOME LOVE” post!

And away I go……