You need: — A dish of earth a cup or cauldron of water a candle
(check color correspondences for whatever kind of dream you will be sending)
and some incense (any kind, this is just to symbolize air).
If you have an altar it should go in the middle of wherever you are placing these objects.
Put the earth to the North the incense to the East the fire to the South and the water to the West.
Then sit in the middle by your altar or just in the middle.
Visualize the dream you wish to give and after you’re done visualizing say this:
“Lord and Lady I ask of thee
Give me the ability to send forth this dream
Across the Earth or water’s bound
Whether he/she be in the sky or on the ground
By the powers of fire to let it shine bright
By the powers of earth and air to send it tonight
By the powers of water to sweep within dream’s door
And by the powers of 3 shall _____ remember it evermore
Sleep in the knowledge the dream will be projected to the person you have visualized.
Be sure to go through every detail of what you wish to send.