The Daily Cosmic Calender for March 12th

This is probably not going to be the easiest start of a workweek in recent memory. The main challenge comes from normally fast-paced Mercury slowing down completely from the Earth’s perspective, making a station at 7 degrees of Aries (12:49AM PDT), and beginning a retrograde cycle until April 4. All Mercury themes – communications, information exchange, words and language, intellectual prowess, reading and writing, classes and primary education, transportation and travel plans, health and medical matters, magic tricks and sleight of hand, stealth and theft – are emphasized throughout the day. Be careful concerning legal matters and signings. Don’t put your John Hancock on important papers if it is not required right now. Utilize the next three weeks to review and re-evaluate your literary, educational and business affairs. A Sun-Moon flowing trine in water signs (11:31AM PDT) seems to offer a promise of better times ahead since Jupiter is also about to trine Pluto (forming exactly at 9:45PM PDT). However, the Sun-Moon harmonious alignment at 11:31AM PDT also begins a 12+ hour void twilight zone that doesn’t end until 11:55PM PDT. During the lengthy void-of-course lunar marathon in Scorpio, Mars forms a dicey contra-parallel with dreamy Neptune (6:04PM PDT). Projecting your anger on well-meaning friends, associates or relatives is taboo. Instead of tapping into the creative, success-oriented energy-field being established when Jupiter trines Pluto at 9:45PM PDT, it is wise to wait until the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius (11:55PM PDT) and then reaffirm long-range goals and hopeful objectives.