Dragon of Fire Chant

The following call or brief ritual are meant to be included in your other rituals, within a cast and sealed circle. They are used to add greater power to any spell working because they specifically call the elemental dragons of Spirit. This taps into a vast reservoir of power current which can amplify any other power raised within the magical circle.

Dragons of Fire


In your dance and singing, imitate the movement of flames. If you have ever closely watched a wood fire, for instance, you become aware that fire dances and sings in its own manner. Choose music that helps you to reflect this mental imagery.

Note: Use candles or other objects of a pure red color. Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Fire.
Repeat this chant three times:

In your cavernous, fire-filled hall,

Echoes the Name that I now call.

Fafnir(faf’-near)! (Ring gong twice)

Stir my blood with will power bold.

Create new changes from the old.

Fafnir! (Ring gong twice)

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