Dragon of Earth Chant

The following call or brief ritual are meant to be included in your other rituals, within a cast and sealed circle. They are used to add greater power to any spell working because they specifically call the elemental dragons of Spirit. This taps into a vast reservoir of power current which can amplify any other power raised within the magical circle.

Dragons of Earth

As humans, we are so familiar with the feel of Earth energies that it is often difficult to imagine what being Earth is like. Earth energies are creative, maternal, slower than those of other elements. Perhaps you can best identify with this element by feeling as if you are the mother of all, a parent who cares for her/his creations. Music should be slower and perhaps heavier, the dance more stately.
Note: Use candles or other objects of a pure dark green color. Choose herbs and oils that are listed as of the element of Earth. Repeat this chant three times:

From your mountain caverns deep,

Rise, Northern Dragon, from your sleep.

Grael (grail)! (Ring gong four times)

Lead me to riches, purpose true,

Endurance strong, I call on you.

Grael! (Ring gong four times)


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