Today’s Cosmic Calendar for Wednesday, Feb. 29th

February 2012 ends with a flourish as revolutionary vibrations associated with the first of the three outer planets – Uranus – strike humanity with intensity. Mercury makes a contra-parallel (1:04AM PST) with this planet of radical change, intuitive awareness and a vast arsenal of innovative ideas. Tomorrow – as Mercury shifts from south declination to north declination above the Celestial Equator – Mercury and Uranus will form a parallel. Therefore, mental excitement is at a feverish pitch as February ends and March begins, and many souls may be feeling far more nervous than usual. In the meantime, you have other fish to fry since the challenging vibes of the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (energizing 11 degrees of Pisces and Gemini) arrive on the scene at 5:23PM PST. The power and significance of quarter moons are often ignored by students of astrology because the emphasis is always placed on New and Full Moons. Every time we reach a First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase, the two lights are separated by 90-degrees of arc and the Moon is waxing in illumination. However, the key is to cut through obstacles along your physical and emotional pathways, and to manage your business affairs with greater finesse. Accomplish these objectives today and you are well on your way to taking a symbolic victory lap of psychological success tonight. Immerse yourself in a biography, bestseller or literary classic under the glowing literary spotlight of Gemini Moon.