Natural Cures For Headaches

Natural Cures For Headaches

Painful headaches or migraines can lead to a lot of distress but there are natural ways to cure these headaches.

One of the most common health problems in today’s fast paced society is the headache and the fact that they vary considerably with each individual makes it difficult for medical professionals to find a cure. A headache can appear suddenly and last all day. Several factors may lead to the start of a headache or migraine(such as: your lifestyle, diet, amount of stress in your life and most importantly the way you deal with it) it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. However, headaches in most people occur in patterns and so one can usually tell when a headache is coming on. This is an important first step in treating the pain before it reaches excruciating levels that require you to take a painkiller. Headaches can be a symptom of a deadly condition. Check with your doctor!

One of the major causes of a migraine is stress. Therefore, any form of relaxation therapy will help relieve and prevent migraines. While, manipulation therapies may improve blood flow to the brain; thus supplying it with greater amounts of oxygen that is usually depleted due to postural or musculoskeletal problems. When a headache occurs it is not the brain (no pain nerve endings present) that is sore but the membranes surrounding the brain that are being stretched and the tightening of blood vessels, nerves and muscles of the scalp, neck and upper back, which are depleted of oxygen. This increase in the heads oxygen level will help prevent headaches from starting. It is believed that a monthly de-stressing session, concentrating on the neck and shoulders helps those with chronic migraine problems.

Bad posture may also be the predecessor to headaches due to a decrease in blood flow to the head or a trapped nerve. Rolfing attempts to improve the body’s posture by working on the whole body. Concentrating on the connective tissue that links the muscles to the body, which Rolfer believes becomes shorter and thicker under tension. By using firm pressure through the elbows, fingers and knuckles, the connective tissue is separated and thus lengthened. This procedure should help improve one’s posture and thus eventually help eliminate headaches.

In Eastern countries, it is believed that headaches result due to a block in energy (or chi). Therefore, the following natural therapies can be used to help alleviate headaches and migraines. Their aimsare to try and restore a smooth flow of energy to the body and mind.

Chiropractors manipulate the spine in order to realign any deformities in the vertebral column, since bends in the backbone of your body will also result in the bending of the central nervous system. Thus, it is believed that the flow of nervous energy from the body to the brain is also disturbed resulting in frequent headaches or even worse migraines.

Cranial osteopaths believe that they can sense the flow of the nourishing CSF(cerebrospinal fluid) and protective membranes that surround the brain, by placing their hands on the clients head. An imbalance in this protective fluid reveals tension or trauma to the cranial bones or parts of the body, resulting from emotional or physical stress. It is believed that these stresses then manifest themselves in the form of a headache. Thus, relieving these imbalances will help cure ones headaches. The treatment involves manipulating the cranial and spinal nerves.

Reflexology may also be used to help treat headaches. Based on the Chinese concept of energy every part of the body is reelected on the specific points on the hand or foot. Pressing on these areas it is believed that one can relieve tension in the corresponding area of the body. This theory is also used with acupuncture and acupressure techniques. A technique you can try yourself is to press firmly down on the web space between your forefinger and thumb.